The task of commissioning is a comprehensive check of the installation, detection of possible defects in devices, adjustment and verification of operation at maximum loads, etc. Our specialists will calculate the individual cost and duration of the works. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production in compliance with all requirements of standards and safety.

Commissioning stages

-Preparatory stage. Comprehensive check of all elements of the system for compliance with the technical parameters of the equipment and the created project;
-Test launches. Carried out to assess the performance of individual units and blocks, automation and functionality;
- Introduction stage. Electrical equipment is started in operational mode, then testing and tuning of various engineering systems (control, blocking, management, etc.) is carried out;
-Complex testing. Checking the operation of the entire electrical installation in the specified modes and ranges;
-Formation of an official report, a protocol on the operations carried out.

Experts often begin commissioning even before installation work to timely check, prepare and pre-configure equipment, as well as detect possible errors. This approach allows you to reduce both the cost and the duration of commissioning.

Our advantages

-Highly professional employees with extensive experience;
-Compliance with all safety standards;
-Flexible pricing with an individual approach;

-We perform projects of any complexity with a guarantee of smooth operation.

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