The process of upgrading and adding new, more modern technology or its features to legacy systems is called retrofit. The service is in demand where old-style equipment is used.

It is not always possible to replace electrical equipment. Therefore, many enterprises order a retrofit of cells - an improvement of the existing system by replacing certain elements (modules). Order a service from us and be sure of the quality work of your updated switchgears.

Advantages of modernization of cells by a retrofit method:
-Compatibility of all components: installed and upgraded;
-Economy of time and efforts for the company;
-De-energizing only the connection that is undergoing modernization, the rest of the elements remain intact;
-Works are carried out in accordance with all safety requirements;
-Conducted reconstruction allows to extend the service life of switchgears of any series and model.

The essence of the retrofit of complete switchgear and one-side maintenance prefabricated chambers cells is the installation of adaptation kits, which include:
-vacuum switches (equipped with all necessary elements and modules);
- parts for the locking mechanism;
- overvoltage limiters;
- relay protection and automation devices.

Our company offers a professional retrofit taking into account the established standards. Step-by-step replacement of the system will allow you to get rid of worn-out equipment at a minimum cost for the budget of your enterprise. Contact us and we will provide you personally with all the details.

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