HABeR-XLWR switchgear system up to 6300 A

Complex solutions:
• Two-piece system with withdrawable modules type IDS or DTC
• System with the possibility of mounting ACB and MCCB class circuit breakers, as well as devices of other types - in a withdrawable, plug-in or fixed version
• Internal sectioning up to 4b inclusive
• Degree of protection IP 31/30, 43/30, 54/30
• Busbars are located at the back or at the top of the cubicles
• Designed for all types of networks
• Innovative systems of passive and active protection against arc short circuits

HABeR-M Switchgear system up to 1600 A

Complex solutions:
• System for standard mounting of MCCB class devices in withdrawable, plug-in or stationary design
• Internal sectioning up to Form 4b inclusive
• Degree of protection IP 31/30, 42/30, 43/30, 54/30
• Busbars are located at the rear
• The system is certified by the Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEL) in Warsaw for various devices of well-known manufacturers in accordance with the standards PN-EN 61439-1 / 2, PN-EN 60439-1, PN-EN 60529
• Designed for all types of networks
• Possibility of using a passive arc fault protection system

ABeR sm6 switchgear systems up to 24kV

They consist of standard closed chambers of a compact design in a modular design. They are arc resistant and equipped with SF6 insulated circuit breakers. The standard cubicle types allow you to configure any switchgear system with varying degrees of complexity. Each camera is equipped with a mechanical interlock and a diagram that displays all the components, which contributes to safe switching. Internal arc resistance allows these cameras to be used even under extreme operating conditions.

  • Rated voltage: 12 / 17.5 / 24kV,
    Rated busbar current: up to 1000A,
    Internal degree of protection: IP2X,
    Outdoor degree of protection: IP3X.
HABeR-sm6 switchgears are made according to the standard:
  • (IEC) CEI EN-62271-200
  • (IEC) CEI EN-62271-102
  • CEI EN-62271-103
  • CEI 0-16
What is confirmed by the certificate of the Warsaw Institute of Electrical Engineering
0911 / NBR / 2010. There is also a GOST certificate.

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